WTB: ANY japanese sit-down cabinet


I’m located in the northern VA/DC/MD area and want to get my brother something special for his graduation from Virginia Tech - namely, a japanese sit-down cabinet. We lived in Japan for three years, are both gaming enthusiasts and I think it would make an awesome gift. He actually already has a handmade jamma setup and monitor with a number of games (even Xexex!!), but its been sitting without a cabinet ever since it was first built back in the mid 90’s, so I might be able to even do with a cabinet only. Regardless, I’m looking for just about anything I can get my hands on at this point and if it weren’t for the $600-$1200 shipping fees from Japan, I’d just buy one from there.

I’m willing to do just about anything to make this happen, so if you have something, let me know!

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This fellow advertises on alot of the gaming boards, including Killercabs and shmups.com.


He’s in California so you’re likely looking at hefty shipping costs. But take a look at what he’s got and talk to him. Someday when I can afford it and have the space, this will be the guy I buy from.

pm replied and thanks nikkos for the link. I’ve emailed him, and you’re right, shipping will probably still be a problem. Between this forum and a few others, I actually have more contacts and possibilities than I had originally thought!

Again - if there’s anyone else here on the east coast, PLEASE pm me. I’m VERY interested and at this point, getting ready to make a purchase.

I just ordered a New Astro City cab from Matsu myself. Shipping was expensive but cheaper than most alternatives available to me. I just wish that he would accept Paypal to make the process quicker. I sent out a money order to him but it seems to be taking forever to get to him even though I sent it under Express Mail through USPS this past week. I hope my payment hasn’t been lost in the mail.

hope you got insurance on that envelope. it cost me like $14 to insure my payment to matsu today, but better to pay now than lose all that cash in the mail. and i can see why he doesn’t use paypal, the fees would be rediculous on all the big ticket items he sells.

i just ordered a new astro city and 2 stools through matsu. and while the shipping is expensive (i’m in philly), matsu and droid have been awesome to work with. i highly recommend anyone wanting a real nice cab to get in touch with matsu.

and as far as shipping goes, i had a lead on a nice cabinet up in canada, and all the shipping companies i called quoted me almost double what matsu is asking. amazing how much it costs to ship something like that.

I assumed Express Mail included insurance. Am I wrong? I’ve been keeping track of the envelope with the tracking number they gave. Apparently they tried to deliver it to him yesterday but they were unable to and left a notice for him. He uses a P.O. Box so I don’t know how they weren’t just able to throw it in his P.O. Box.

i dont know if express includes insurance or not…checking now…it’s only insured up to $100.

i’m guessing the delivery issue is due to the fact he has to sign to prove he picked it up. if he picked up his mail after hours then he wouldn’t of been able to sign for it. sounds like you are ok, hopefully. he just has to pick up his mail when they are open, i’m guessing.

I just checked and as you said they only insure up to $100 as standard unless you pay more to insure a larger amount. I would have insured it for a larger amount if I had known. Now I know to do so next time though. Thanks for clearing it up for me. So has matsu sent you any pictures of the specific New Astro City cabinet he’s sending you? I’ve asked for specific pictures of the cabinet he’s going to send me but he just keeps directing me to his web page. I assume he has more stock than the ones he has listed.

no he hasn’t sent me specific pics of my cabinet, but i haven’t asked either. apparently the ones he has pictured are the ones that he has cleaned up so far, the rest are still waiting their turn. droid said that he set one aside for me and that matsu is working on that one now. with all the good feedback these guys have on the web, i can’t imagine that you’ll get a bad one. just remember that they are “off route” so it won’t be perfect cosmetically. all the pics of new astro’s ive seen so far at least have some yellowing on the speaker section and fading on the side stickers. i figure a little elbow grease, maybe some paint and it will be perfect.

and from what i gather, he seems to get a container of between 10 and 20 cabs every month or two. shippings probably dirt cheap that way. and this last container was nothing but NAC’s and egret 2’s, so i’m sure he has plenty for now.

Just curious, but for the guys that had a cab shipped from Matsu, how much did the shipping cost? Where did you have it shipped to? I know that Matsu is located in SoCal.

The shipping cost for my New Astro City cab from Matsu was $359.10 on the dot. I had it shipped to Conroe,TX. It got here a few days ago. I already have it hooked up to a PS2 and I also have Super Street Fighter 2 X in there as well. This is the one he sent me


. I love the cab so far.

oh man! looks good. mine should be here tomorrow hopefully. i feel like a kid on christmas eve.

just out of curiosity Bare Knuckle 2, how did you hook up your ps2? j-pac set-up? if so, what did you do about audio amplification?

Yeah, I used J-Pac to set up my PS2 in my cab. I use powered computer speakers,for audio, that connect to the PSX AV to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor sold by Ultimarc.

Just as another point of data, I’m having one shipped to Columbia, MO (should be here sometime this week!), and it ran me $375. As people said above, about half what I was hearing from other shipping companies.

Just ordered a J-Pac, I can’t wait to pop Mame in this thing…

BK2 you got a PM