WTB: Any LLC Replacement Metal panel


Hi. Anybody willing to sell their black lightning metal replacement panel? If somebody were to donate theirs, I’d gladly make them a new one of their choice. Free of charge. Thanks.


i have a DIY panel from the first batch. 16.5"x7" 7 button vewlix with start for jap sticks. interested?


Can you send me a pic?



Nice. What’s the difference between that one and the last batch made?

How much you want for it?


main difference is that the joystick mount is top mounted on this panel and uses spacer to get desired joystick height. also the shaft hole is larger so that it may be used with korean sticks.

if i donate it to you, would you be able to make me a same size panel with astro city layout?


Yes I could. It shouldn’t be a problem. If you donate it I will send you back what ever layout you want with as many holds as you want. Free of charge. I’ll cover shipping the new one to you as well.


this is it, its the 8 button rd 2 panel, but its got no art, just the metal panel, ive got it on my round 1 with a 6 button plexi and some black paper

20130324_211724 by anzhar, on Flickr

ive also got this noir panel, its removed from my sc5 stick so its got art on it and the art is mint

20130116_210730 by anzhar, on Flickr

no screws or bezels or anything, just the metal panels without sticks or buttons


I hori hrap1 hitbox one id be willing to donate in exchange for a free one, pm me if interested


Thanks fella’s for the offers but I’m looking for the metal panels that Blacklightning was selling. Just like the one theBAYsics posted and offered. I don’t need any te replacements or hit boxes. Thanks though.


Its a black lightning hitbox panel for an hrap 1


I’m not interested in any hit box panels. Thank you though.


I’ve got a unused LLC R1, R2, TE replacement with a Korean and Japanese joystick mount that I would be happy to part with if you still are looking


Thank you to theBaysics and Wilverine for your donations. I’m no longer accepting anymore offers at this time. Thanks again.