WTB - Anyone own the magic box adapter for the xbox 1?


Just lost an auction for it on ebay a couple days ago. Winning bid was $40. I was pretty pissed. Anyone have this adapter thats willing to sell it?




The generic ones from china work decent.


Link? Is the one I posted a generic one? What are the differences between the original one and generic one? Thanks.



Nothing really just search ps2 to xbox.


I think I have one somewhere I think, I have to check for it. Are they actually going for $40?


@PJohn…yes, the one that was on ebay sold for $40. I bid on it with 10 and 5 seconds left and was outbid both times. If you have one, please sell it to me lol.

@BartStation…I searched on ebay “ps2 to xbox” anf the only ones coming up are the single ps2 adapters. I need the tri one with PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast. I mainly want it for Saturn.


Found it!
I originally bought this thing to use my DC Agetec on my Xbox. Name your price.


I have one that allows you to use Ps3 controllers on xbox360. It’s a bit different from what you’re asking but if it’s something you’re settle for lmk.


$40 is a good price. These are a pain in the ass to find and come up rarely on eBay.