WTB: arcade cabinet/machine

ive been interested in buying some form of arcae cabinet or machine for awhile, so ive decided to finally invest in one, except i have no idea where to start looking =/ These are the specifics. . .

interested in:

  • old virtua fighter 3 machine
  • any old virtual on arcade machine
  • perhaps an atomiswave machine
  • a sega naomi system perhaps
  • any stand alone 3d fighter system (tekken, newer VF, DOA, soul cal)

not interested in:

  • cps1 cps2 cps3

  • neogeo

    The top priority would be the vf3 or virtual on machines, and then the rest. If anyone could help me out, or link me to any stores or sellers it would be greatly appreciated. I am very new to this, but i really want to do it, so any help would be appreciated. If it helps, I live in the Northern VA area.

Impulse was selling his VF3, check in this very forum.