WTB: Arcade Case


I’ve checked some threads out, and I wish norris sticks wasn’t out of stock, but I was wondering if anyone has a case (wooden, plastic, metal, whatever) that can take seimitsu buttons and a JLF stick, preferably the button layout be as in a Vewlix cab.

I might be coming off picky, but hell, throw me some offers, I’ll check it all out.


I have 5, comon you know you want some more! (I just noticed this sounded extremely wrong) LOL Context: He bought a case from me previously -_-

*Nudge nudge Unpainted one :slight_smile:


hit up cicada and see if he will sell you his white case with a vewlix layout.


I have 1 case available. It’s Astro City layout though.


Haha, I was considering that one, but you know, I’m just shopping around man. You sold a great number of your cases though, good job! :smiley:


Hey man, thanks for the iL stick, works like a charm. :smiley:

As for Cicada, I already snagged that pink case from him, I was considering that one too, but again, just looking at my options.

Do you have pictures of the box? Also, a price tag would be nice.


Imitrex makes fantastic cases. If you can get one of off him you won’t be disappointed.