WTB: Arcade-In-A-Box or Qanba 2/3 joysticks (PS3)

PM me the following info:

  1. Asking price shipped to Dallas, Tx
  2. new or used (how used, how long you’ve had it & condition)
  3. Modded? To what extent?
  4. Pics from different angles if possible
  5. Reason for selling

Would rather buy outright but only things I have to offer are:

  1. PSP Go with Gran Turismo, God of War & Sony soft case
  2. NBA 2K10 20-game locker from limited edition package (PS3)

All of which are in mint condition. Thx!


Dual modded (xbox360 and ps3 compat) do it for $200 shipped

had it when SF4 came out on console.

it’s perfect other than few scratches on bottom metal panel which is nothing.

never had any technical problems.

  1. selling cuz i decided to quit because i spend too much time on the game.

Thx but I don’t need the dual mod version since I don’t have a 360. Also, I’m looking for the HRAP V3 SA, not the regular HRAP 3.

Hrap V SA of course, Hori its a trademark with many years in the business, instead Qanba its new in the arcade sticks business, and the Hori V SA its the best/beatifull stick in the moment, the Vewlix layout are great.

id like a harp v3 sa as well :slight_smile:

You mean V3 SA, not the regular V SA. I don’t care how long a company’s in business. A quality product is a quality product. :slight_smile: Besides, I wanna try out a wooden stick (Qanba). Gonna try them both out in person & whichever I don’t like then I’ll sell. Just got the HRAP 3 SA & not really digging the fact there’s not that much room for my hands (compared to a TE stick), I dunno maybe I need more time with it. What can I say…I’ve got large hands, LOL!

Anyone have either of these joysticks? If yes then PM me, thx!

Just got a HRAP V3-SA so I just need a Qanba now. PM me w/info if you got one for sale, thx!

I can definitely Hook you up a Qanba stick.
PM will be sent eventually. :smiley: