WTB- Arcade Stick Case


So the custom arcade stick that I built has started to crack after about a month of heavy use. Due to this, I am looking for a long case or a TE/TE2 that is empty and ready for my components. Cases devoid of artwork are welcome as well. Feel free to PM me and let me know what you’re looking for if you would be comfortable with me purchasing it from you. I’d love pictures too if you have any available. Thanks!



Why don’t you buy the WiiU TTT2 stick from the madcatz store for $59? Sell the extra parts and you’ll have a TE stick for peanuts.


I have a jasen customs shell that will not break on you no matter what you did to it much sturdier than a TE would ever be and free of art http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa417/Tru_Kaos88/Mobile%20Uploads/DSC_0140_zpsgcrixyw0.jpg

I’m looking for $110 shipped or make a good offer these cases are worth more than $110 so you’d be saving