WTB Arcade Stick in SD CA


Hello Iam New on Here iam Bassily Located in ChulaVista Iam Looking to buy Diffrent Arcade Sticks TE,HitBoxes,Hori and Some othe good Sticks

But most Important Iam Looking to buy a Edge Fighthing Stick
and Hit Box Arcade


I’ll be in san diego tonight and have a used Hori PS3 VLX stick. Pm me your number if you’re interested


Hello How much? do u want


pm coming your way


what’s the system software version on the PS3?


Hey man, you can’t trade here in the TO until you meet the 6 month AND 50 post requirement. You can ask if anyone is selling, but you cannot trade or sell. Please edit your post to reflect this, please.


Hello wich ever is the Most Updated one but its a 60GB Hdd Backwards compatible


Sorry I didnt see this before dam thts sucks I have to wait tht long wow thts Rediculous but i guess there are rules