Wtb Arcadia Magazine [February 2009]


wtb Arcadia Magazine [February 2009]

:slight_smile: thanks

it’s with this cover



Have you contacted TRNG? I see him handle a few magazine subs and requests from time to time. Only resource I have seen to extend a hand to the Japanese magazine scene.


av2k: FYI, that’s not Arcadia Magazine (it’s from the same publishing company/writers), it is Tougeki Damashi Vol. 12. Something they release every other month in Japan.

It focuses on competitive gaming/tournaments. But yea, if you want that, hit up Akihabarashop or someone in Japan. I’m not selling you mine :stuck_out_tongue: !


markman give me your hrap SE or die :open_mouth:


I tried play-asia earlier but they were out of it! :frowning:

Thanks for the clarification and site to get this!


Pfft! I already got put in the will so it’d be mine anyway :wgrin:



cmon guys :]


Even though I’m not in japan anymore. My gf is supposed to send me some arcadias and strat guides soon. I’ll ask her if she can find it if it’s still in the bookstore. No promises though.


Thanks stridajin!

I appreciate your effort homie :slight_smile: and i’ll throw in a little something extra!