WTB Arcana Hearts 3 on PS3


PM me a copy shipped :slight_smile:

I can also trade a TE for it. lemme know


you know its going to be sold over PSN

unless if you want a hard copy, nvm


It’s coming out this spring in the USA cheaper, and on the PSN.


Damn, had no idea. Hopefully it’s nothing like the Siren : New Translation fiasco. I bought the AZN copy due to those censorship issues. Any idea how many Gigs it’s gonna take?


The Bluray version was about 4.8 gigs, so I’m sure it’ll be the same.

At minumum, maybe 2-3 gigs if they compress the video and audio.


thank you sir :slight_smile:


That’s enough of a reason to go ahead and buy the Asian PS3 edition!

Ouch— long load times from PSN!


you must not read the news posts on the SRK main page at all lmao

coming out on PSN and will be fine.


Ive got a copy id sell…