WTB: art for my custom stick

put this in the trading outlet, hope it’s ok here too.

i am getting a custom stick from eric from this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthre…=200477&page=5

as he states, the stick art should be 8.5x11

i want two mma fighters, anderson silva and brock lesnar, to be drawn the way the puzzle fighter characters look. i want anderson to just be standing, smiling, with his hands at his waist. and brock KOed on the floor behind him. some funny anime KO face on brock too. adding as many distinguishing features as possible, like the tat on brock’s chest, the gloves, the logos on the shorts, etc. any identifying marks like that.

can someone do this?


i can send the button layout on request.

thanks to all who looked

You need to provide the full link to the thread…that one is cut off…


Just for the record, we don’t allow the sale of stick art. It would mean someone is making money off copyrighted materials. Someone is welcome to do it for free though.

oh i didnt’ know that. does that apply to this case though? it’s just a drawing of two mma fighters.