WTB; Art for my TE stick

So I’ve posted in a few threads with no response, So at this point im kinda getting desperate, Im willing to go as high as 30$ for art made/printed/shipped, I dont know if that seems reasonable or not. I’ve never bought art shipped >.>
What im looking for: Anything angel related, As in my avatar. I want her to have a sort of angel feel, maybe wings like rock has in the games he’s in. This is pretty much a chance to make random art and sell it. I just want it to have a foggy setting since its for a TE, And the buttons wont get swapped out atm. However, If you would like sprites given, I suppose I can go and find some. Anyone up to it? :wgrin:

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=185050 Glory is doing some free custom stick art, and looks like he’s done with the current people he has listed


EDIT: Nvm just saw the last few posts and yours good luck on finding someone though :tup:

You sound desperate. I’ll take care of you! I sent you a PM. No money required, donations accepted.