WTB Artwork printed & cut

The place i normally go for artwork is art’s hobbies, but my last e-mail was a decent while ago and got no response(not in spam filter either), plus i see from the main page that he says he is pretty backed up with orders lately. Which is totally cool, but now i need to get artwork elsewhere.

Basically custom artwork for an HRAP stick i need printed & cut. Anyone have suggestions?

you could go to a Kinko’s and print it yourself, then cut it yourself with an x-acto knife.

twas what i did and it came out fantastic


I remembered seeing a thread offering this service so I searched & found it:

I’m not sure if he is up & running again though…o_O

I attempted to print & cut my own artwork once. It looked like crap…:frowning:

office depot print center works too.
if you have a plexi, you can print in photo glossy and it ends up looking way better.

You rock, thanks dude! Didn’t know office depot could do that.

Just went to my local store and had them print up my artwork. Was only $1.27 total!! Much better than paying someone else $8+ and waiting a week or so for it to arrive.

Having someone cut it for me would be nice though, as thats not my forte. However i was able to successfully half-ass it with nice results. My sloppy job on the button cut-outs was covered up by the buttons themselves once in place.

Yes i did have lexan to put over it, but didn’t think to ask them for glossy paper. What they gave me still looked nice.

im awful at cutting as well, but what i’ve learned is to use an exacto knife with a new blade.

when you cut the circles, first i make a cross, then cut it by 4ths.
if its for my seimitsu’s, i guide the razor around the edge with a finger on top of the blade itself., turning the paper, not the knife. (there’s like a half inch margin of error).

also, i used my old RD1/RD2 things as templates =P

I just used a plain scissors… and not a very good one lol. First poked a hole in the center, then tried to cut around the circle. A sloppy job but all i needed was an ok hole, and once artwork was sandwiched between my plexi and metal panel, i could just firmly put the buttons in and they’ll push aside the excess without disrupting the rest of the art.