WTB Ascii Optical **please close

Hello SRK

I would like to pick up either an Ascii Optical or if possible the holy grail of sticks the “Sanwa Flash”.

There are a few different models of opticals by Ascii including the Dreamcast/Playsation/Playstation 2, I will accept any of these as long as the stick is optical and is in good working condition. Also if you are in need of the case I would also accept a stick only deal as well since I’m gutting the case anyway. **All reasonable offers will be considered and are greatly appreciated!

Shipping would be to Gilbert AZ 85233 and payment would be done via paypal.

Hey souji5, good luck with your search! Optical joysticks are definitely great things. I’m on the hunt for a Sanwa FLASH 1 myself, so I’ll be rooting for you too! Just gonna throw it out there that if you’re planning on buying up an optical joystick, you might want to pick up one of these. Toodles recommends that one so you know it’s gotta be good. It’s a step-up voltage converter which will basically provide a steady +5V of power to your joystick no matter what voltage your PCB provides. It’s not really required; most people have had their optical joysticks run just fine on even the +3.3V provided by a PlayStation 1 or 2 controller, but I’m a stickler for trying to keep things within manufacturer’s specs. :smokin:

Hey Soulji. Ive got an ascii in one of my personals i could part with for you :slight_smile:

Very many thank you’s! I just order the step up converter last night. Like you I am on a quest for the sanwa flash but it’s been so long since I’ve done a personal stick that I wanted to get some kind of optical action going to tide me over. Good luck on your search and if I do run into any on japan auction I’ll drop you a line bro :wgrin:

No problem at all souji5. Glad that you bought one of those step-up converters. They’re a bit of a pain to mount though since they don’t have any holes which you can use zip-ties or PCB feet on. I just had to deal with wrapping a plastic zip-tie around the whole PCB, which I still feel was really unclean. :xeye:

Thanks for the kind words man. Be sure to get one for yourself before you holler at me! If you get the ASCII Optical that butteroj is offering, I’ll throw it out there that it’s more than a suitable hold-over for a Sanwa FLASH 1. It’s built to-spec of the FLASH 1, so it’s definitely of comparable quality! I dunno what else to tell you aside from the fact that it just feels good! :lol:

I actually did pick up the optical from Butteroj. For the step up converter I was thinking of making a square recess in the control panel and hot gluing the pcb in there with a small square of plexi over it.

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