WTB: Assembled dual mod for 360 TE. So PS3/360 dual mod

Looking for a assembled dual mod for my 360 TE Round2, I want it dual modded for 360/ps3. I have no solder experience so I’m on a hunt to see what prices I could get for a assembled one.

Are you comfortable with cutting a hole inside your case? Otherwise, you’ll have to at least solder the USB cable to the boards. If you can cut the case, or feel confident enough to solder the USB cable, send me a PM with how much you’re looking to spend and I’ll let you know if I can do it(and whether I can do it for cheaper.)

not if u buy or use a chimp

so it works with the chimp?

if u have a 360 te yes a chimp will work so dat u dont need a imp board its for ps3 only so could send some 1 ur 360 pcb like gumm
http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=223278 - his thread u will pay 80 plus shipping and he will supply the chimp and then u just drop it in

and just sending the pcb will be a few bucks

damn I wish i just knew how to solder. not really in the position to spend money. >_>