WTB: Astro city/Blast city/Naomi control panel

I am looking for a metal 2 player 6 button layout control panel that fits these cabinets. Anyone have it or know where to get it?

Akihabara Shop can get you brand new Seimitsu panels (complete with LS-32 sticks, PS-14-GN/DN buttons, harnesses and Astro City overlay) at around 15000 JPY plus shipping, Sanwa panels are also available but will be more expensive (JLF-TP-8Y sticks and OBSF-30RG/24 buttons). Panels can also be bought blank without any preinstalled components but I’m not sure how much he charges for those.

Can he get replacement overlays too? I already have the panel.

Yes, he can get loose Astro City overlays from Seimitsu at least (dunno about Sanwa). However all the holes have already been punched out so if the layout doesn’t exactly match your existing metal piece it might look a bit ghetto…!