WTB: Astro City top panel replacement


This may be a longshot here but it’s worth a try. I’m looking to find a replacement top panel piece for my Astro City. I’m not sure the exact name for it, but I mean the plastic panel that says “Astro City” on it that the speaker grills pop into. Let me know if you have a spare and how much you’re looking for or if you know where I can find one, thanks!


You should see if this dude has what you’re looking for:


Thanks! I think I messaged him on another forum so I’m going to see if he has it.

EDIT: Went out to see what all he had today, but no luck for that panel :frowning:




You should check out these guys KLOV Coin-op Videogame you may have to donate few bucks to the arcade museum to post on the thread but there are a lot people selling arcade cab parts on the forums


Good idea. I’ve seen those forums but I don’t have an account there yet. Might as well cover all of my bases, I have this thread here, n-g, AO, and shmups forum :slight_smile: