WTB: Asus monitor

Anyone have one around the size of 19-23" with 2ms or so. 1080p would be great. Let me know what you got and how much shipped. Thanks

bump, no one has one?

Bro try amazon they have good deals. Probably get them for about 200.00.

just didn’t want to risk a dead pixel is all. I’ll check their return policy though and see if I can’t get one if nobody has one.

…? I got two of them from them. You have problems with the monitor they send you one and pay for the you returning. Too easy.

well, didn’t know if it were like newegg where you have to have at least 8 dead pixels or something to return it. Thanks for the info.

Oh no prob man. Amazon has superb CS best online shopping exp.

I’m interested in buying an Asus VH236H as well. Just curious, what is a dead pixel?

You’re screen is made up of a bunch of pixels and one would be dead so it’ll always be one color while the rest change with what’s showing. So you could have a tiny pixel square that’s one color and is easy to spot.

There’s actually two scenarios, one is a dead pixel which is black and can’t be fixed and the other is a stuck pixel that is another color than what it’s supposed to be. Either way, they’re all annoying and I don’t want either of them. At least that’s most of what I think is right.

Funny you mentioned that model cause it’s the one I’m looking at buying now. I wanted that ring stand touch sensitive buttons one but found out it’s a glossy screen and the VH236H has a matte screen which I prefer. It’s sold from buy.com and from what I’ve read, if you get a dead pixel it’s better not to mention that it’s the sole reason you want to return.

I see. Thx for the info. I want the Asus VH236H because that’s the official monitor used at EVO.

I’m trying to get a new one for under $190.

Just went ahead and ordered mine from buy.com for $210. Not too big a price IMO and I hope I like it.

went to buy.com site and price is $188.99, price after rebate $168.99, for VH236H. link

oh yea, heh, I actually got the VH236HL-P model. It has height, tilt, and swivel adjustment which I really like on a monitor. Other than that I think they’re virtually the same.

EDIT: checked newegg and it has a 10 better viewing angle and a 5watt difference in power consumption. Probably doesn’t warrant the price though and like I said it’s mostly cause of the height and swivel adjustment for me.

I was about to “Place Order”, but in the corner of the page in small letters they charged me $18.43 for tax making the total $207.42. With the $20 rebate, it’s only $187.42. Basically the same price as retail of $188.99 from eBay:


I almost fell for it. Thx for the info though.

I wouldn’t get any other Asus monitors than VH236H.

That’s odd on the taxes, I guess you’re in the same state cause I didn’t get charged any for my monitor and it was a flat $210. Going by the tracking # they sent me, I should have this tomorrow (unlikely since it’s free shipping and was supposed to take 5-9 days). I’ll try and post up my impressions after I get it but like I said it’s virtually the same model as the VH236H it even has a similar model number and I read a few newegg reviews which most are positive like the other model.

I see. From what I know, they only tested lag input on the VH236H model. And EVO uses it.

I tried buying it from eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380215808794) and they’re also charging me Tax AND “Recycling Fee” of $16. Total is $223.42.

Talk about hidden charges…

I just received it in today! Wicked fast free shipping!

I used it a bit on CODMW2 and couldn’t notice any lag, I probably need a fighter or something more to that note though to fully test it.

One thing I did notice is that under the screen resolution settings the monitor is detected as “VH236H” so I’m sure they’re the same. I also checked for dead/stuck pixels and it’s picture perfect. Now I just have to get used to the quality since I’ve been using CRT for a while now, this thing is giving me a headache. :lol:

Same here… It sux how I use a 20" CRT when theres a 46" Samsung HDTV right next to it.

Good stuff on getting a lagless monitor. I’ll get me one soon.