WTB: Asus VH236H Monitor. Used

Anybody got a used one for sale for a good price? If you’re not going to post for a good price, then I can just get it new, so don’t bother. Otherwise, post up!

whatever price you give james ill pay more for =)

Whatever price you give Justin, I’ll pay less.
Then I will sell the monitor to James for more.
And give the difference between offers to Seller.

something tells me i just lost

Dislike :frowning:

Yeah man. I’ll be back the 21st of this month. Final round run with jdm and zombie

Still looking. Anyone?

Sir, If you don’t mind new, amazon has it for free shipping, 145 after rebate.

That’s better than alot of other deals I’ve seen. Thanks for the link. Meanwhile, anybody else still selling?