WTB: Atomiswave Any Games/ Rumble Fish 2 Etc

Hi all, Looking for an Atomiswave board with some games, Especially looking for rumble fish 2.


Hell of a game! Couldn’t let mine go but if you ever find one lemme know, I got a 2nd art set for RF2 I’m willing to sell.

Cool, I’ll let you know. I’m sure RUMBLE82 loves Rumble Fish 2. Is that how you got your name? From the game.

Too bad it’s out of stock. It’s sick :slight_smile: http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-hardware-and-gaming-systems-/atomiswave-system-consolized-for-home-use-version-2-atomsyscons-hardware-detail.htm

I found someone to sell me a MoBo, and yea the atomiswave is sick. Such a great hardware, Now I just need games, no boots.

http://www.coinopexpress.com. They may have it as a set. Arcade shock has been out for years. But yep my name is from that game =)

Yea, I checked with them but it’s way too costly. I got the board and now I am looking for games. If you ever want to sell your copy LMK. Thanks.

I got a rumble fish 1, Still looking for more.


Atomiswave is pretty sweet underrated system, too bad it died out…Some good games to choose from, my fav is Sports Shooting USA, followed by SamshoVI & Hokuto No ken…

Looks great on my atomiswave cab! Been trying to find a good deal on Rumble 2…Good luck

Just got a KoF Neowave. Still looking for more…