WTB - Back Panel for Mad Catz TE fight sticks

I have a blaz blue TE fightstick, and over the weekend it got dropped :(. The back panel snapped in half and now I am left with a gamping hole on the back of the fight stick.

If anyone has a broken TE kicking around and could salvage a back panel (where the cord gets tucked in, I would very much love to take it off your hands. I am located in Canada.

Thanks SRK!

Is it the flap door that closes the cord compartment? I think you can just ask Markman or UserSDK for a replacement.

That is the one!

I need a white replacement.

Do I just Pm them?

call or email madcatz directly…

I am sadden you didn’t ask me first :frowning:


PS- i will forward this thread to Leang & Mark

If you have one, I will take it Tim! Haha.

Sadly i dont, but I’ll ask them sometime next week as they’re busy as heck this week/weekend with PAX East.