WTB Bandai Hyper Dragon Aqua Yoyo! ^w^


I looking for this particular yoyo for a while, but I miss my opportunities when I have the chance. Hopefully someone can fine this for me. It was a limited printed in Japan during 1998 and sold only in the Asia market. It the first customizable yoyo with interchangeable parts and weight kits.

If anyone have any idea where I can get one it is much appreciated.

Can anyone help me look for Hyper Dragon Aqua yoyo on the Oriental auction site or Japanese yahoo auction??? I will definitely pay a little more for the service.

I am also looking for conversion parts as well only if I find the yoyo first. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully some Japanese SRK members can help me or someone able to access japenese auctions.

Holy crap, you just reminded me olden favorite past time ;]

Although I used : http://www.yomega.com/yo-yos/index.htm

Hell I think i’ll order one right now~!! haha, thanks for that reminder, and good luck on your search!!!

Yeah, I found it in Japanese Amazon but they only ship within Japan. Can any SRK member help me out.

Thanks for the help!!!

Use shopping mall japan, they can get it and ship it to you.

But they add on some fees, so look around first before you resort to them.

that looks awesome. but i think you can get something like that just as good in america. that one looks to be shaped like the saber raider from yomega. its got ball bearings too

PM’d :razz:

that yoyo looks awesome and makes me want to get one too… I just bought a yoyo recently too, it was actually in dec. and it was a speed beatle. good luck in the search and hope someone helps you, and if theres another one being sold let me know! Fire or Aqua, as long as its legit!

Yeah, that is a great idea. I completely forgotten about those services. There are services for everything nowadays. LOL!!!

The hyper yoyo serious were created by the same team of people that made Yomega yoyo. That is why is reassemble it a lot, the only differences are the interchangeable parts!!!

Thanks for the help!!! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in one I might have an extra Hyper Dragon Fire. It cost me a fortune to get it but I have 2 of them. I will part with the mint one out of my mini collections of yoyo. ^W^!!!

PS ~ Does anyone know where I can learn some 1A and 2A tricks???

You keep me posted and as long as the price is reasonable we could work something out…

Yeah, I am going to look in my storage for all my yoyos. Once I find them I will post a picture of my collection. The Hyper Dragon Fire was purchase at Leoshop.com.tw and I pay $50 USD for it and $20 shipping. Do you need conversion parts as well??? Because, I think I still have some.

I was just going to warn you that there are a bunch of fake hyper dragon fires and others going around on ebay. I actually managed to snag a real sealed one off of ebay this past week.

Shortman1243 your Hyper Dragon Aqua have been send.

Are you looking for a Yo-yo to play with or just to collect?

Are you will to trade me a mint YoYoJam Dark Magic for the Bandai Hyper Dragon Fire??? If so just PM for the details.

Thanks for the concern but I heard the Japanese websites are more trust worthy then the Chinese and American websites.

Thanks for the Hyper Dragon Aqua which I am really appreciated. It one of the funnest yoyo I ever play, but it is not at a level competitive yoyo. It is a top notch looping yoyo rather then a unresponsive yoyo for stock. Ball bearing are needed for a better sleep time. >w<

It is more a collectible item because I missed the opportunity to get one when I was a kid. But I will try to improve my yoyo skills with Hyper Dragon Aqua to the next level. This yoyo is more like my childhood sweetheart. LOL

Here are my collection of yoyo.

Hyper Dragon Aqua

Hyper Dragon Conversion Parts aka Up Grade

you asked about learning tricks… go here