WTB: Bang the Machine dvd

^ title.

It’s not available for sale.

They even searched people at Evo to make sure nobody had cameras so the movie wouldn’t get out.

I am claiming complete ignorance on this one, so do they plan on releasing it on DVD? Looks interesting.


it’s not been released and probably won’t be. i think your best bet is going to evo next year…

WTB DVD also. Offer $300.

Just playing…but seriously:confused: Hurry up and release this already.

Some of us can’t make it to Evo (perhaps ever) but still want to see the movie. Wackness.


i went to Evo at 2007 and this wasnt show

But it was at evo 2k8.

damn you, damn you all to hell

this is dumb… why even make a documentary and not sell it… why hide it? i mean hiding this kinda shit wont help the scene grow… stupid as fuck if you asked me…

It is dumb.

If they don’t want to profit from it just make it a free and legal download.

what is this “bang the machine”?

some documentary who knows:chat:



Its a very complicated topic that I cant disclose all the information that you guys want. They are still looking for a deal and distributor, but thats as far as I can get into it right now.

If at any time all possible avenues were exhausted and they were going to go forward and not sell it, Im sure it would get released to the public at large.