WTB: Beatmania controller (7 key), I have paypal or gaming stuff to trade


I lost beatmania controller so I need a new one. If you have the 7 key controller that came with the american game, thats the one I want. I don’t want the japanese one for $100+.

PM me if you have one + price to ship to So Cal. I can pay paypal or I have SF4 stuff I can trade.

Toys I have are…
The Ryu, Ken, Viper action figures still sealed, 1st edition - http://images.toywizard.net/0001/neca-sf4-setof3.jpg
Chun Li figure that came with toys r us pre order (no pic yet)
Akuma artwork # x/xx (I forgot what I have, not at home now)

Or other stuff to trade
NEW Xbox 360 wireless controller (came with system, never opened it)

ya… I’ll list more stuff later I have for trade. If you don’t have the beatmania controller, everything is for sale as well. Or if something is worth less to you than the controller, we can mix trade+paypal.




don’t need the game and thats way over my budget. People here have sold them under $25


i have a 7 key US controller, but i dont see anything for trade. how much are you willing to pay?


I have 2 For Sale, i will sell one for 25$ a piece. PM Me when ya ready