WTB: BIG custom vector overlay

If you have one you’ve already made, then great, otherwise, continue below:

I have a cabinet I’ve been working on for years now. I’m stuck in a rut though - I really need to get the artwork printed out before I re-do the control panel to make sure everything lines up properly.

The problem is, my Mac Mini here really starts to bog down as I start to work on an overlay that is large enough. I know there are plenty of talented artists on here, so I figure if I provide someone with the right SVG file with a layer showing where the buttons and sticks will be located, they could probably knock out a nice looking piece of artwork.

I’m recalling this from memory, I’ll try to measure this afternoon, but the panel top is 48 inches wide and ~18 inches tall, with scalloped corners.

I’d tried to do something with the Tien symbol in the middle, bursting out into something where the 4 player sections were somehow distinct, but an artist I’m not. :stuck_out_tongue: I also have Ryu’s SFII stage here in vector format that I had toyed around with using as a backdrop.

The key is that the layout markers have to be kept in the final piece. They have to be printed out on the artwork so that I can temporarily tape it to the new CP, use a hole punch to mark the wood, then drill the wood to match. I tried doing it the other way around last time, and it just doesn’t work out.