WTB Black Bezel for Original SFIV TE Stick

So since I can still use my SFIV tournament edition stick, I want to do clean it up a bit. I made some custom art, ordered a pixie glass and some new buttons with a purple bat top.

Now I want to get rid of the red bezel and replace it with a black one. I went to Mad Catz site but their sold out on black

Anyone know where I can buy one, new or used?

Sand with high grit and use Plastidip.

Honestly, I would just clean it very well with rubbing alcohol and then put five or six layers of PD. Let it cure for 24 hours and it should last a while. No need to sand.

Thanks for the replies.

What exactly does the rubbing alcohol do?

i have a new black one, bought it but never got around to installing it

Can I buy it from you?? If so, can you private msg me the info?


Looks like you have a line on a proper one, but the alcohol will clean any grease or other contaminants off and dry quickly so you don’t have to worry about residue.