WTB: Black Rd 2 TE/TE-S Sides or stock 360 TE-S stick

Like the thread title says, I’m looking to buy your spare sides from either the Round 2 TE or the TE-S to replace the white sides on my original TE.


I’m looking to buy a stock 360 TE-S.

Located in the SoCal area. Let me know!

Why not, lightly sand the white, spray black, and clear coat? Its easy cost efficient and looks nice

i’ll sell you my black TE-S sides, $25 paypal shipped. PM me if you’re interested.

Honestly, I’m too lazy to do that and I’d rather have the OEM piece that’s the exact color match.

I’ll keep it in mind. As of right now I’d prefer the Round 2 TE sides, but if I can’t find those I’ll PM you. Thanks.

I think they are being sold brand new on Focus Attack now.

I think they’re only the wooden ones right? Looking for black.