WTB : Black Seimitsu Screw in Buttons


Looking for these 30mm buttons. The current websites for parts don’t have solid color Seimitsu’s for some reason. I need 4 of these, but if you have 6, I’ll buy still.


I could also use 2 24mm black screw ins with clear plunger. Here’s a pic of them…


Help me out guys. I can’t find these anywhere. At least not in US stores.


Can’t find the soild seimtsus either.


You might be able to find them here. I don’t think that he has all of his colors listed, but you can email him and ask, he’s pretty good about responding quickly:



I have 2 of the Clear Black 24mm snap ins if you wanna get those off of me


Snap ins? Are they Sanwa?


http://www.arcadeshop.de/Seimitsu-Buttons-Seimitsu-PS-14-GN-black_643.html It’s a german shop so I’m not sure how much shipping will cost, but it got them stocked.


Thanks. Let’s see if I can get them here first though. Why don’t paradise and focus attack have these is baffling to me…


Yea snap in sanwas 24mm


Hmmm… pic? I don’t remember ever seeing black rimmed transparent Sanwa buttons before I don’t think.


Really guys? No one has these? :frowning: