WTB: Black TE sides


Just like the title says, I’m looking for Black TE Sides for a stick rebuild I’m working on. The thick Vewlix Style ones.

Hit me up if you have them.


The pointy ones ? I got them how much you offering?


I’d like to Trade for them if possible… I have the flat sides off my TE-S stick that I can send your way. If not like $12 shipped.


Still on the hunt :smiley:


I have some but they were camo painted then sanded for $18 shipped


If you already have the style of sides that you want just the wrong color I recommend Plastidip. It’s cheap and if you mess up you just peel it off and start over. Very forgiving.


I have a 2 sets Black & Green. The black set was from my MVC2 TE stick. The green panels were purchased @ EVO.


Whatcha wantt for the black ones?


@"Lemony Vengeance"‌ Where are you located?


PM sent


PM Replied!