WTB: Blank Case and PCB (separate)

I’m looking to buy a blank case. I really don’t care which brand/kind or system it was originally for.

Looking for something in the $30 or < price range, preferably something plastic. I don’t mind if I have to do a little modding (as with the mayflash). Color doesn’t matter to me either.

Looking for a PCB from a PS3 stick or controller/fightpad, a used Cthulu if someone is willing to sell one, or even just a pcb from a regular or 3rd [arty ps3 controller so long as it has the physical attribute of being able to be modded (I have adequate soldering skills for whatever pcb it is). I don’t mind if you’ve already used it in something and ripped it out, or whatever so long as it works.

A case is more important to me right now than a PCB, so that comes first.

pmed about the case.

Hi i both both items u looking for, I have Mayflash case with pcb too, I have ps3 pcb Se let me know.