WTB blank case for $35 shipped

I am looking for a blank case for this price I bought one before at this price here so if you have one add a pic

Would you want a blank SE case? I’ll take it apart. Check my wts thread for pics of it.

LOL, ive seen SE cases sell for $20 shipped. If you’re going to sale an SE case for the price Streex is asking for you better make sure that ish comes with at least (6) genuine sanwa buttons.

Why you laughing. I can take close ups of the Sanwa buttons. The very first thing I did when I got the SE during the vanilla days was purchase the replacement Sanwa parts from Lizard licks.

It’s just an offer he doesn’t have to accept.

LOL thanks but im not a fan of the SE case I want a blank wood case for another custom project I just hate building the frames Thanks anyways… thanks for the comment GARCA


…Don’t know if its sold or not tho.

I have a blank wood case that has a plexi glass top. Was a project that I wanted to do but never got around to it.

I will send you pics if you are interested

EDIT: NVM ill just post pics now :slight_smile:

EDIT AGAIN: Just FYI, you may need to buy screws and nails since there is only one I can find. PM me if interested!

Not what I am looking for guys sorry to waste your time I should have been more clear about what I wanted. I want an 8 button layout rounded case…

Shoot me an email at tefightstands@gmail.com with maybe an image of the shape or a similar case design you like and ill see what I can do for your price range.