WTB: Blank Case (HRAP2 layout with Home button)

I’ve been looking at all the custom stick builders’ threads, but I’m having trouble finding someone that isn’t backed up or has blank cases available in the format I need. Here’s what I’m after:

Should be able to mount a Seimitsu LS-32-01, have 8 face buttons laid out HRAP2 style (a little more space between the stick and buttons would be ideal), start, select, and home button, and then another hole in the front for a usb connection for the play and charge kit as I’m trying to make a wireless 360 stick.

I was hoping Kaytrim would be able to make one of his beautiful sticks for me, but he’s closed up shop for the summer. D:

I am available for blank sticks… Check my thread.

Sorry about that. Just too many demands on my little free time.