WTB: Blank/ gutted case


Hi there. Currently I am looking to get a TE case (or a case of equal size) so I can put my parts from my SE in it. Not really looking to spend a whole lot, so if you have a case you want to sell fairly cheap (or you’re looking to trade for some games) hit me up.

I have a huge trade list, however I dare not post it here. You can check it out at cheapassgamers.com. Here’s the link to it:

The list is compromised of a bunch of old/ rare used games, along with a bunch of current gens too. I’ve got a green label Symphony of the Night that I want to get rid of.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and if you wanna make a trade just shoot me a PM. Thanks!


Bump… also interested in picking up a cheap Fightpad if anyone has got one laying around.


Check yo local gamestop if you haven’t yet, bro. Got mine for about $15 with my Edge card. ;D


I dont have 6 purple sanwa buttons but i do have 2 green buttons, jlf stick too. I have other sanwa buttons color if u looking for some and clear bubble ballyop too.


Bump. Picked up 2 OBSFs so don’t need those now. Still need 6 purple, and now I definitely need a JLF…


i have the jlf u looking for. pm me




Pointless bump.


did you ever get the purple bubble top that you wanted?


Last time I tried this it didn’t work out very well. Let’s try again. Bump.






pm sent


Notha bump.