WTB: Blast City Control Panel and Blast City Instruction Space sheet

Looking for an unpopulated one, but if you must sell it with sticks and buttons, I’ll take a look.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an original panel or a repro panel with repro art.
Must be a 2L12B panel. I.e. a 2 player, street fighter layout panel.

Please provide a pic of the underside so I can see what kind of joystick mounts it has.
I would love to get one that mounts LS-32s as is, but those are kinda difficult to find.
So I want to see the mounts to get an idea what I can do with it joystick wise.

I’m not sure if they exist, but if there’s a New Net City Control panel that mounts LS-32s, I might be interested in that.

EDIT: I’ll make it simple. I want this:

Or if I can’t find that, this:


And I need to see the joystick mounts underneath too.