[WTB] Blast City parts, mint/near mint cond

Looking for the plastic holder that goes over the marquee area. I already have one that’s just older and scuffed up, so I’m basically looking for one that is in really good condition. definitely no breaks or cracks, and very minimal scratching. It should be pretty clean/clear- almost looking new.

Probably a pipe dream to find one in this condition, but I gotta try :slight_smile:

also looking for the following items:

  • crhome 100 yen coin entry slot. I would consider the UK ‘fat coin’ one, but would prefer the 100 yen one if possible.
    -control pannel surround Similarly in like new cond.- very clean, no scratches. I really only need the surround part, but if someone has this and only wants to sell the full bezel + control pannel, I might consider buying if it’s the 2L12b with original overlay (i.e. has sega logo as opposed to the sanwa one that says “licensed by sega”. The one above in the example here:


-also looking for some specific candy cab stools- the ones pictured here (I think they are made by taito?):

I read that riverservice and coinopexpress used to carry them, but I don’t think they have them anymore

Go to arcadeotaku.com and get a repro. One of the members is making them and they’re nicer than the stock ones, but be prepared to pay close to $100 with shipping.

If yours is scuffed up you may want to try using 3M headlight restoration kit.


I think it’ll be a better investment than buying a whole new one depending on how badly yours is scuffed.


yeah, I saw the repros there but those appear to be for the cabs that have 2 pieces of flat plexi sandwiching the marquee. for the blast it’s actually molded plastic. I will look into that headlight restoration kit too though. thanks guys.

-bump- as I added some new parts i’m also now looking for. anybody parting out your minty fresh blast city cabs out there??? :pray: