WTB: Blazblue CT folder / artbook, official white GC controller (w/ 3m cable)

Unfortunately, lockon doesn’t have any more so I’m left requesting in general.

This is the folder: http://www.aksysgames.com/wp-content/gallery/merch/bb_pp_folder.jpg

The artbook looks like: http://www.aksysgames.com/wp-content/gallery/blazblue/artbook_preorder.jpg

If you have the sountrack for BBCT, I’ll think about it. Already got it on my computer when I borrowed the discs, so we’ll have to see.

Anyhow, lockon was selling these as a package for $15 and they sold out pretty slowly, so that’s give or take what I’m looking to pay.

Also, looking for a white GameCube controller, of the newest official run. The ones with the extra-long cables. 'll need a pic to make sure it’s an official one, used is fine.,

Still interested, not sure if there’s any real way to legitimately bump a buy thread.

Also looking for a good condition official white Gamecube controller (10’ long cable), willing to pay $20-$25 for it.

lol smash? Hi if you’re the Andarel that played Brawl+.

Have you tried their site?

If I somehow missed it then tell me, but they only have the folder and I’m far more interested in the artbook than the folder. It was a pre-order bonus.

And yes, 5ive, that’s me.

Aksys Store ? Aksys Games on the Internet its going for 2.50 USD
they had the book for sometime but its not there anymore…
BlazBlue Limited Edition Artbook + Chibi Folder + Bag - eBay (item 170533266701 end time Sep-26-10 20:38:27 PDT)
Includes the bag, book and folder
I am just looking for the artbook from time to time.

Let’s just say there’s a reason nobody buys them from Ebay retailers. They go on occasion for about $15-$20 on other sites, but not that often - that’s what I’m after, mainly, as I said last post.

I will look around again, if I see anything I will Pm you. Otherwise, gl at that price.

I have one artbook and the soundtrack make me a offer


Well, I’m not that interested in the soundtrack but I’d throw in an extra few bucks for it.

Willing to offer $20 for the artbook though, say another $5 for the CDs.