wtb: BlazBlue (ps3)


Anyone got BlazBlue w/ case and manual in great condition for ps3?
Prefer it to be Standard Edition, so the Price won’t be so high. I don’t care for the LE since I don’t know much about the series.
Name your price shipped. 07646 zip code (NJ).



I actually have a brand new sealed one.
PM sent


Got ya pm, but looking for a Standard edition, so i wouldn’t have to pay so much lol.


I’ll sell you the LE for $50 shipped. Something is weird about the blu-ray. It kinda skips during the defense part. That’s how I got it. Didn’t bother exchanging it.

PM if interested. Don’t know what the going rate is for this.


uhh… you can’t do that can you ^^?


Oh, my bad then. I was trying to not make a duplicate thread. Thanks.