WTB: blk OBSN-30


I would like to pick up at least 6 black Sanwa OBSN buttons, but I dont see them available online from any of the usual suspects.
I guess this is also abit of an inquiry into weither or not they even exist.

I know that Seimitsu has black screw-in buttons but I really dont dig how they feel.


Sorry Mr.Nannie, but Sanwa hasn’t made black screw-in buttons yet. Hell, I don’t even think they’ve made dark hai OBSN-30s yet either. :xeye:

Your best choice is to either tough it out and use Seimitsu’s black PS-14-GN buttons or paint an OBSN-30 yourself to be black.


No such existence of Sanwa OBSN-30 in Black.
It was only months ago that Sanwa decided for OBSF-30 in Black.