WTB: Blue or Green Cps2 Super Turbo

As title says,

I belive the blue boards work with green boards right?

blue and green boards are interchangeable. you’ve been looking for while now, no? you havent been able to find one?

Well how much are you looking to spend on one? People have these but aren’t gonna part with them for cheap.

who says im cheap? just send me a price.

nope, and I need one for my darkstalkers 3 board.

$200 + shipping for Japanese green CPS2 ST (Phoenixed No battery) very clean works perfectly.

is that a + b board? I really need a A board bad for my vamp sav 2 board.

Sure I can include an A-board.

damn…deal is good. i wouldnt part with an ST board at this point for less than $300.

bump. SteveTren never pm’d back :frowning:

still looking.

I’m leaving for japan in 2 weeks, i heard the ST boards there are like 80 bucks, lol. Might end up buying one there.

Buy a couple and sell one to me. =)

Hit up mak in Tokyo they may have it, but it won’t be under 9000¥.

^better than the prices here. Fine by me.

Could you grab 3 and sell me one? :slight_smile: