WTB: BNIB, OR MINT Condition MCZ - SSFIV FightStick TE- S Black for 360

Greetings All,
I’m looking for an EXTREMELY good condition Mad Catz - Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition S Black for Xbox 360, with the Original Box in MINT Condition as Well. PM me if applicable, please.
I bought a Brand New White one from a seller on eBay for $206 (IKR?!), who sent it in the Original Packaging Brown Box, and I love it. The same guy is selling a White AND Black One Brand New, however now he wants $400-500 for them EACH.
I’d also like to obtain a MINT Chun-Li TE S for 360, but I realize a fellow SRK member is looking for one, so when and if (I hope he does, they are great) he finds one, I’ll post a new thread.
Hope All is Well with Everyone…