WTB bottom panel for a TE or TE case


Looking to purchase the bottom metal panel for a TE case or a full TE case. PCB is not needed. Preferably one in good, non rusted condition.


Where are you located? I have one lying around, but shipping on these can be killer.

I have a full empty TE case.


Located in Mobile, AL 36693. Are you overseas?


I’m in southern California, from memory i know shipping on these TEs are like $25


You can get it down to $15 if you use USPS standard post; takes about a week, though. Might be less since it weighs just slightly less without innards.


I’ve shipped a bottom panel out by bubble wrapping it and getting it to fit in a large flat rate envelope, so it was ~$5 shipping.


If you’re willing to just send me the panel, I’m still interested lovepig.