WTB Brand New Sanwa Flash1 stick

yup, just wondering if there are anymore of you playas that are willing to let go of one of these bad boys.

i know theres prolly a line but thought i’d try my luck, thanks!


Whats up, man.

As far as I know, brand new flashes are extremely extremely hard to come by. Meus is a special case because his japan auction sniping was enough for him to buy out one particular seller of all the brand new flashes (although there is a possibility there that seller has more, although he/she has been jacking up the price too). Used ones may be more reasonable to secure…might have better luck w./ that. I have a used one, and it operates flawlessly. I do wish you the best of luck in your search!~

thanks ketchy!

yeah imma shoot for a brand new one, for that kinda money i think it should atleast be brand new, no matter how rare.

True Ketchy somehow that seller had 3 brand new sanwa flash1 and im sure he has more still. At least i have lucky to buy 3 brand new ones. Plus the seller is jacking the price too.

I wish u good luck Gav, i will keep eye out for any flash1 that may pop up on the auction and report to u or any member thats wants one…

meus, you GDLK, thank you!

meus, now that you’re in this thread, question…

what exactly is all the rage about this flash joystick? And it’s a circle gate, correct? I’m sorry for the noobish questions, I’m just very curious. :smiley:

No it’s not a circle gate. It uses standard Sanwa gates, typically was sold with an Octo.

It uses the same technology as the Happ/Wico P360s only you get Sanwa’s familiar joystick.

Mr. Gavobama, I ordered a couple Programmable Sticks from JP, they have the ASCII clones on there not Flashs’ but damn close. I’m local so I can bring it to a Wall’s or Bubble Tea function if you want to try one out.

soundss good!

also, general question, with the Flash1, what pcb can i hook it up with so that it doesn’t malfunction?

any pcb s fine as long gives 3.3 to 5 volts to power the pcb flash1

cool, thanks for the quick reply. but uh… u did say you bought 3 new ones… and u recently sold one… so where are the other 2? care to let go of one of them?:sweat:

i NEED a flash also! how much would it take for you to let one of them go, meus. $250?

yeah meus, how bout one of those for $251? lol

HAHAHAHA. how about we fight to the death and winner gets to pay 252 for the flash?


$252.50 :wink:

Dont need one but I had 2 :lol: gl to both you gentlemen. :china:

oh boy, you guys gunna jack up the price!! haha

Jeez, it’s like an eBay bid war in here. Last I checked, we’re supposed to be trading in this here Trading Outlet! :rofl:

GAVOLUTION, good luck with your hunt man! Things are gonna be pretty tough with XMetal gunning for one as well. I’ll be rooting you both on though. :tup:

meus should sell 2 and make a quick 500 :slight_smile: