WTB : Brawl stick with Workin PCB and joystick (no buttons required)

Im lookin for a brawl stick that is workin but doesnt require the buttons only cables/pcb and joystick
would pay 40$ shipped for this (location montreal)

Also lookin for mad catz SE 40$ shipped , give me condition… thx

Not sure in Canadian Gamestops but here in the states, they sell them for $30. Have you tried Gamestop yet?

thats assuming you can find them anymore lol

every brawlstick in a 40mile radius where I live was snatched in 3 days lol (within a week of the price reduction)

im not lookin for a new one it can be used

bumped still searchin

why not try searching for a new one since it would probably be cheaper than $40

the prob is that im from canada
and here they are not cheaper

I have a full-Sanwa PS3 SE (in a TvC case) if you’re interested. Would want more than $40, though. So, if bottom line price is key, then sorry to bug ya. But if you were gonna upgrade anyway, this would save you the time and effort. :slight_smile: It’s in great shape and has the original TvC box. PM me if you’re interested.

lookin for a xbox 360 one … sry