WTB - Breakers Revenge MVS

Due to a sudden boom in popularity in the central FL fighting game community, I am looking to buy at least 2 more Neo Geo MVS carts for Breakers Revenge. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to try to support a scene with just my single personal copy.

Shock boxes/flyers/etc. are not necessary, all I need are fully working carts since they’re going straight into the cabs.

I’m looking to pay around $50 (Paypal) shipped based on condition, possibly more if it’s a full kit. ** I am open to negotiation.**

PM me if interested. I would appreciate it, if you have pics available, to post them in your PM.


You could probably find these on the NeoGeo forums pretty easily.

i currently have identical threads on both the Neo Geo forums and the IAM/KLOV forums with no luck so far; but thanks for the suggestion.

This game is just a real pain to find. I have seen it on some multi-carts, but i’d prefer an actual cart; plus multi-carts don’t work on MVS boards with unibios as far as I know.

Great game, it’s one of my faves. I wish I had the box for my cart and art set :frowning: GL on your search dude.

Not looking to part with your cart, I suppose? :wink: