WTB:Can someone from UK please help me out with forwarding a package?

I wanted to get some shoes but unfortunately the only place I found that sells them only ship to the UK.

I can pay you a little extra for your troubles or if anyone from the UK is selling any dark hai sanwa buttons/mesh balls I can order those and maybe you could ship the packages together?

Lizardlick.com sells Dark Hai Buttons and ships to BC. As for forwarding a package from UK, you should at least put WTB: Uk shipping Services.

are these the black rim and grey buttons? I have a few if you wanna pick them up.

also you should messege jackson. I’m unsure of what his username is, but he has a shit load of buttons and mesh balls.

Drop me a PM with some more details, Like where I’d need to forward it to and whatever else you might think relevant. I’ll see what I can do to help.

Just curious,what type of shoes?

Just 2 lacoste shoes in black/white.

Are they the old style mesh or the new ones? Don’t really like the look of the new one

PM’d you with some specifics. As far as some sort of payment goes, instead of paying anything directly to me I’d appreciate if anything you would have given to me, donate to Team Tech Talk Sticks for Joy Foundation