WTB: Candy Cab


Looking to buy a candy cab. Astro, Blast, or New Net City. Condition doesn’t matter too much to me as it will be for a project. Even just the shell would be ok.

In Arizona so would arrange pickup if its in a neighboring state, otherwise we’ll figure out freight.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.


Sending pm


I’m looking for one too so hmu too


sending pm


I’m interested in purchasing one in the San Diego, CA area if anybody knows where I can buy one around here


pm coming your way


In the same boat as innovasian, looking for a cab.


yet another pm being sent


I’m in Eastern Canada (Toronto,) have any info on an old Versus City or an old Astro City cab? How about a CPS3?


Need to get my hands on a candy cab as well, any kind of sega cab will do, astro city pref. PM me anyone at anytime


i’d love a h2h Blast City with a 3rd Strike board that doesn’t break the bank. i can dream :frowning:


im trying, I found a couple on ebay but people want like 1500… thats insane… but by christmas time I might just jump on it.
If anyone knows of a site or another forum that is better for finding these things please help your fellow fgc members out. I made a custom astro city once and posted it in tech talk, it was great but I moved to and back from Hawaii and its long gone…


That’s why I hate the A holes on ebay. I don’t know where you’re from but you can find working Astros in SoCal from $500 to $600

My bad were you talking about h2h cabs?


I may end up selling a Neo MVS 4 Candy cab that has monitor issues and needs new locks. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll make a 4 Sale thread in the near future if I do. P&L video can fix the monitor. Im to lazy to take the cab there and pick it up. Oh yeah, I am from So Cal


I’m on the east coast and thats the problem. All the cool stuff is on the west coast… Im willing to drive anywhere on the east coast to pick up and I dont care what condition it is because I can fix anything when it comes to arcades. There has got to be someone in this forum who is willing to part with theirs…


You can sometimes find candies at coinopwarehouse in Hagerstown MD. I’ve seen several posted on craigslist up in Connecticut. Alternatively, you can do a group buy. Jasen from @"Jasen Hicks"‌ tried to do a Vewlix group buy but no one signed up. Hit him up, he’s very well connected and might be able to help.


NM Sold