WTB: Capcom Impress (Southern California)

Hello all, before I ask my question I’d like to introduce myself. I just recently found this site not too long ago a since then I have learned a lot in my very short stay here. I am glad that fighting sticks are still around as I never really did like playing with a controller. I have been playing street fighter ever since the original arcade came out in 1993(?) I can still remember trips to the local pizza joint and the countless hours (and money) I spent lining up to play. To this day I still play when I have some free time. I’m even an avid collector of street fighter items especially the SOTA line of SF action figures. I look forward to learning and contributing to this community. Just like everyone I can’t wait for the next installment in the SF series…SFIV.

It was just recently I found out that there are a few importers here in the US for “candy cabs” or japanese arcade cabinets. The one that caught my attention was the Capcom Impress which leads me to my question.

I know this is a longshot but are these still obtainable. I found 1 company that had one in stock in Hong Kong but after all is said and done it wouldn’t be worth it for me.

Is there anyone in southern california that know of anyone looking to sell theirs? I’m looking for one in good to mint condition. I will be posting a want ad at the neo-geo forums as well. I did get in touch with a local importer for candy cabs however he said they are very hard to come by. My best bet is to buy from someone locally. Thanks all and happy gaming.


Thanks Canto. I had already sent him a message earlier today. Just waiting on his response. Thanks

No problem!

send me your email address and I will put you in touch with someone who has 3 of them for sale, located in Northern California though so it would require a day drive to get it.

I would travel for an arcade cabinet. :rock:

TigerCraneFist I just sent you a PM.

Hey guys I am in the exact same situation as MajorPain951. I am new to this forum, and I plan on having a couple of sanwa sticks built for my 360, but I also am in search for a candy cab that I can hook up to a xbox, in not a 360. I am located in Houston, Texas, not in Cali. If there is anyone that can ship down here please let me know!

Wingman there is a great Seller down here in socal who sells candy cabs. His name is Matsu. As it turns out the one I am looking for he cannot get. He has tons of other cabs that are really nice and he frequently get shipments. If you like I am going to pay him a visit tonight and if there is something in particular you are looking for I can check it out for you… Here is his link http://www.jpdeal.com/cabinet.html The New Astro City is an awesome cab but I am still new to this hobby so I am not sure if an XBOX can be installed. I’m pretty sure it can with a few items.

MajorPain951 that would be great. I am very new to this hobby aswell, but from what I have read on Killercabs.com, the New Astro City should be Jamma ready, which means I should be able to get a www.ultimarc.com console adapter (J-PAC). If you get a chance, please look out for a cab that is in mint condition, mainly the screen. Also ask if its jamma ready. I will PM you my contact info.

Still looking :slight_smile: Someone has to have one they’re just dying to unload :slight_smile: