WTB: Capcom vs SNK 1 Dreamcast US Complete

I’m looking for a good copy of CvS 1 for the Dreamcast, would prefer a US version. No bootlegs or copies. I would prefer a complete game but will consider disc-only offers.

Looking to pay ~$15 shipped. I have a huge list of games for sale here:


so am more than willing to work out a trade.

I have excellent references at Heatware under Slartibartfast, and eBay under jbegy.

You can contact me via AIM, or email at jsbegy -at- gmail -dot- com.

I do check my PMs too :wgrin:

Someone’s gotta have a decent copy of this. I will take just a disc w/o the case etc

Is your PowerStone 2 US, and are you willing to trade it?

Yeah it is US, and I might be willing to work out a trade. What condition is your CvS in?

Still looking for this game, disc-only is fine but I don’t want any copies/bootlegs etc.

I have a japanese copy and the instruction book. Its yours for 5 bucks shipped.

I know you said US version, but in the first post you said PREFER, so i unno. =P

Up to you if you want it or not. =P

DC Capcom vs. SNK

I have a near-mint, complete US-release copy I will sell for 20 shipped.
I have plenty of feedback on cheapassgamer.
Let me know f you are interested.

PMs replied.