WTB: Carbon fiber shaft cover and dust cover for sanwa

Looking to buy a carbon fiber shaft and dust cover for a sanwa stick that I’m working on. I know that big pocket use to sell them but unfortunately he don’t make them anymore. So if someone has one that they can sell please let me know or if you know where to get them that will be great too. Thanks!

I have made them before I would have to order some more carbon fiber sheets do you have a price range in mind that yur looking to spend Carbon fiber shaftcovers and dust cover cost little more that the ones I normally sell. I have some black/onyx beveled dust covers right now on my thread here on the trader

how much where they selling for before? I know it will cost more than normal.

Saw your thread, great stuff you got there. I was wondering if you where going to make a carbon fiber shaft cover and dust cover is it going to be full carbon fiber or is it going to be a overlap on a dust and shaft cover? Wasn’t big pockets full carbon fiber or something? Thanks

My big pockets shaft/dust set is currently reserved by team tech talk sticks for joy. If they decide they don’t want it then maybe I’ll sell it, for the right price of course.


Thanks! please let me know

carbon fiber is so yummy!

That’s borderline sexy. Know of any carbon fiber buttons too? All carbon fiber stick would be worth 1 of my nuts

That just the flat black tube carbonfiber right its kinda hard to see full color from the picture The last one I did was the black grey two tone kinda like the mesh ball is that what you were looking for or just the flat black I like doing them with a little more depth with my trademark bevel I can see if I can dig up a picture its been a while

Not really a poster here but saw this. Check out these at a local hobby shop and see if they fit over the joystick shaft.

Tennessee-drifter Heli: Carbon Fiber Tail Boom (347mm) - Trex450 Pro HR1140 in PrestoMart

I fly these and just thought it might be useful info to you. A dremel can make these work wonders for much cheaper (most likely) than ppl try to charge here. If not, I’ll just start cutting them and doubling the price :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it would be cheaper and the diameter looks off plus that’s just for a shaft cover and using a dremel gives sloppy cuts I use a mini chop saw but thanks for the option its cool your trying to help people out

Thanks for the information. Looks amazing but have you try to fit it through a sanwa stick? Cutting the it shorter is no problem but if the diameter is not correct it will be hard to shave off. Beside it is unavailable on the website.

A picture would be great if you can find it. How much were you selling them for anyways?

I have had three people inquire about doing a new run but no one has responded to the post I made in tech talk for a interest check so I was looking to get 4 people together that wanted them and I could do them at $10 shipped

$10 shipped sounds reasonable, is it going to be full carbon fiber? I can do 3D carbon fiber vinyl overlay myself so this have to be a little more professionally done like how BP did his with real full carbon fiber material. If that is what you be making then count me in on it.

^waiting to see what the answer is to this question.

i don’t mess with decals there molded to size for either the diameter of Ls-32 or Jlf with real carbon fiber

here is a link to my thread in Tech Talk