WTB Cheap 360 Stick

So my nephew, 9, developed an interest for fighting games recently after playing UMVC3 at my house over the past month. I’m looking to buy a decently cheap 360 stick so he can learn how to play and maybe even mod as a weekend project of some sort. I’m not completely sure if he’ll stick with it so I’d prefer to get something on the cheaper side.

Also, He really loves Marvel. So, anything where I can switch the art out for custom art would be awesome!

Thanks in advance!

How cheap?

arcadeshock.com has some Hori RAP EXs for $120

Like sub 100 if possible.

I have a Hori RAP (Real Arcade Pro) Special Edition Xbox 360 white, Hori RAP VX-SA Xbox 360 white and Hori RAP V3-SA PS3/Xbox 360 dual mod I can let go for $100 each if you are interested?

Do you have pictures of all the sticks? I am interested most in the VX-SA. What sort of options do I have if I want it dual modded with PS3 (legacy for SF5) or PS4 support?

Sure. I can send you pictures of the sticks when I get home from work. I already have the VX-SA dual modded actually. I was going to make it stock and sell it or add PS4 and sell it like that anyways. If you want it as dual mod I can sell it for $120. If you want a PS4 controller in there I can sell you it for $180 shipped.

Cool, thanks man. Looking forward to seeing the pictures/hearing from you. What board is in the VX SA?